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I have joked for many years about the fact I feel I was born in the wrong era. My love for vintage and classic traditions, fashion, music, interiors etc... goes beyond just a taste or style, it is a passion that has been with me since I can remember. I would dress up in my mother’s clothes like many little girls would but I would always reach for her oldest pieces at the back of the wardrobe.

So when I had my first son, William in 2013, I knew immediately I was going to find it difficult to source classic, traditional clothing for him. My grandmother had taught me to sew and knit, so I began making him a few pieces and she would also create him beautiful items too, and I would get stopped wherever we went to comment on how beautiful he looked. They were all traditional heirloom garments, so when Arthur came along almost seven years later they were loved all over again.

The situation going on in the world in 2020 meant I had no choice but to start creating more items for Arthur’s wardrobe or he simply would not have had any clothes to wear. It was then I realised that my love for designing and creating baby and children’s clothing was more than just a hobby I had loved for many years, it became a passion. Other mothers began stopping me in public to comment on Arthur’s clothes and ask where I had bought them. I began making a few pieces here and there for friends and family, just as my Nanna had done.

Handcrafting these heirloom pieces for others to enjoy never feels like work to me, which is why in September 2022, I left my job of 17 years in education to dedicate myself and my skills to Arthur Benjamin & Co.

I consider myself exceptionally lucky to be surrounded by incredibly strong and talented women in my life. Although Arthur Benjamin & Co was founded by myself, alone at my dining table, I believe it is held up by the incredible women in my life behind the scenes, making it a true family business. 

Something I’ve always lived by is that vintage fashions and interiors never date. They retain so much beauty and class in a society and world that deems something old as holding no value, thus creating this fast fashion climate we have found ourselves in.

Steph Hinde

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