Sustainability is always at the heart of Arthur Benjamin & Co. 

Sustainability has and always will be at the heart of Arthur Benjamin & Co. We have pulled those traditional values from decades before us to today, where items were made to last and made well with high quality local materials. Times were different then, and being sustainable was not a choice, it was a necessity to survive, we pride ourselves in carrying this ethos forward in today’s society. It is a necessary choice we at Arthur Benjamin & Co have to make in order for us to make the least negative impact on our environment.

We believe we are ahead of the game in this area, using not only vintage fabrics, but designer deadstock fabrics too. We actively take part in the #nowastefashion where you will find that all of our accessories have been created using the remnants of fabrics left over from our collections. Any materials remaining after this, will not be discarded in landfill , instead they are sent to other small local business’s to be created into something beautiful too. 

Our Packaging

All of our packaging and labelling is bought locally and from companies who share our ethos of sustainability, and is all eco-friendly and recyclable. 

All of our garments are hand made by wonderfully talented seamstresses either in Europe or by Stephanie herself here in the UK.  It is at the top of our priority to be conscious of how we leave our mark on the environment and promote change in the textile industry.

We would love for you to promote this with us by using #nowastefashion in any of your beautiful images posted to socials. Or by simply passing on your items to the next generation can make a huge difference to the environment. We strive to further improve our efforts to become a more sustainable company and our promise to you is that this will always remain at the top of our agenda. 

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