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Written by: Stephanie Hinde



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Our Brand Ambassador, Jenna lists some of her "go to" shops to buy the very best Traditional Children's Clothing

If you've been following Arthur Benjamin & Co for a while, you will already know that this all began through creating traditional and vintage inspired clothing for my own two boys. Mainly because I adore this style, but because I couldn't find affordable and high quality children's clothing anywhere. Those two elements just didn't come hand in hand.

Surely, I couldn't be alone in this problem?

After chatting away to a few customers and our Brand Ambassadors, I soon realised I definitely wasn't alone with the notion that well made traditional style children's clothing came with a high price tag. That was if you could even find it. 

So, I decided to catch up with one of our highest repeat customers to find out 1, What it is that makes her come back time and time again, and 2. Where else you can find beautiful, traditional style children's clothing. Here's what she had to say…

“Firstly, it is no secret that I absolutely adore you and your boys. They are utterly stunning and a complete credit to you Jenna. They also happen to be two of the most well-dressed little gentlemen I have ever seen. Would you say that dressing them traditionally is the style you tend to lean towards the most? “

Jenna – “ Thank you so much! Yes, I definitely lean towards a more traditional/Spanish style for the boys when it comes to choosing their outfits. I personally don’t think there is anything nicer than a well dressed child in a beautiful, traditional, royal looking outfit. I have found this does get harder the older they get though, I really like Childrensalon for Freddie (6), because it’s quite easy to find his size”

“Little Frazer is adorable in anything he wears, but he seems to wear traditional style clothing more than any other, what would you say it is about traditional style clothing you think draws you in?”


Jenna – “ I just feel as though a traditional outfit is absolutely timeless and looks so smart. When I was pregnant with my eldest Freddie I just knew I wanted him to dress like Prince George and just look like royalty! Friends and family would ask me what they could buy him for gifts and I would always refer to Prince George. I like to buy accessories like socks and shoes to match their outfits and complete the look”.

“Is there anywhere you could recommend is a good place to start for other mums who might be looking for quality socks and shoes for their little ones?”

“ My go to for socks is primarily Condor, the quality is by far up there with the best because they wash so nice and really hold that quality even after so much use! I also really like a brand called Meia Pata that I often buy from perfectlittlething.co.uk. I have just started my shoe obsession for Frazer now he is getting older, and I love Early Days Baypods, you can’t really go wrong with them, they match all traditional outfits perfectly, look so smart but they don’t have a huge price tag. I also really love Baby Fernando, which I tend to get for special occasions from babyshoes.co.uk.

I asked Jenna which were her “go-to” shops when she is buying clothes for the boys and this is what she had to say,

“Firstly, there’s a reason I end up buying everything from your collection, It’s the quality and style for me, it completely matches everything I have for the boys in their wardrobe. Again, I also really like perfectlittlething.co.uk, for lovely rompers etc for Frazer, I buy a lot from there too as they have a good selection of your typical Spanish style brands like Babidu, Caramelo Kids & Rapife etc.

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